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Frequently asked questions

What is It?

The Night Nook is a brand new nighttime accessory that makes it possible to enjoy light-emitting activities such as reading in bed or going on your computer, all without disturbing your sleeping partner!

How Does it Work?

By attaching a light-blocking fabric to its interior frame, the Night Nook creates a comfortable and spacious area for the user to enjoy their desired nighttime activity. The fabric drapes loosely over the sides, giving it an open and airy feeling and allowing each side to be opened and closed as desired.

How do you Store it?

When it comes time for daily storage, simply fold the two sides inwards and your Night Nook folds completely flat, ready to be stored out of sight. This was designed with the spatially challenged NYC apartment in mind, making it ideal for keeping under your bed, in your closet, next to your nightstand, or in just about any other nook or cranny you can find.

What Kind of Assembly is Required?

The Night Nook comes ready for use out of the box, making it a true "no assembly required" product!

Learn more about some Night Nook best practices here: