Using Your Computer in Bed

The Night Nook helps you do more than just read

Just about all of our Night Nook content so far has been focused around reading in bed. Being an avid reader myself, it was the desire to be able to read in bed without bothering my wife that led to the creation of the Night Nook. And while reading in bed is still the primary use for the Night Nook, it is certainly not all that it can be used for…

At its core, the Night Nook is all about helping you spend time in bed with your partner when you have differing sleep schedules. Study after study shows just how important these moments shared in bed together are, as it represents a time when you are truly free to talk and enjoy each other’s company without all the other distractions of the day. Having these deep conversations is essential to maintaining a strong and healthy relationship, and it would be crazy to miss out on them just because one of you likes to stay up later than the other.

Bedroom for Reading in Bed

This previously required some form of an uncomfortable or annoying solution to try and work around this. The night owl in the relationship essentially had 2 choices; force himself/herself to ignore their natural sleep cycles and fall asleep much earlier than naturally intended, or get up and leave the room once their partner fell asleep. Neither of these really worked well, as trying to force yourself to adapt to an unnatural sleep schedule is likely to lead to very poor quality sleep (if you can fall asleep at all), and getting in and out of bed is both annoying and likely to wake up your partner.

This very same struggle is what drove me to create the Night Nook, and it has truly been a game-changer ever since. I use it every night, and can’t imagine life without it. But while using it to read has been well covered, the Night Nook has many other uses. Whether its binge-watching Netflix, getting some late-night work done, or getting ahead on your fantasy sports analysis (March Madness is right around the corner), there are many times when you would love to be able to hop on your computer or tablet in bed, without worrying about it bothering your sleeping partner.

Computer/Laptop in Bed

Night Owls Rejoice...

With many of us night owls doing our best thinking at these late night hours, it would just be unfair to have to give up these productive hours. But it would be just as cruel not to get to enjoy time in bed just because you want to stay up later than your partner. The good news is that the Night Nook works just as well with computers or tablets as it does with reading a book.

This is especially timely as many of our jobs are now providing more flexibility than ever before due to the COVID pandemic. Many of us night owls are now able to shed the typical 9-5 schedule, finally getting to take advantage of our productive nightly hours while also getting high-quality sleep by aligning with our natural sleep schedule. As employers come to notice how productive employees can be when given this freedom, this will likely continue to remain the norm even after this pandemic is behind us. Thankfully, the Night Nook makes it possible to stay productive while your partner sleeps, all from the comfort of your bed.

It's time to enjoy this time again!

So next time you find yourself having to get up and head to the couch as your partner falls asleep in your nice and comfy bed, think about great it would be if you didn’t have to go through this annoying routine. Instead, thanks to the Night Nook, you can once again share these intimate moments in bed together, while still maintaining your nighttime independence.

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