What is the Night Nook?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

First off, welcome to our little Night Nook community! Whether you're here on purpose, or just happened to stumble across us, hopefully we can do just enough to get you to stick around. You're probably not exactly sure what you're looking at, so let’s skip all the fluff and dive right into what exactly a “Night Nook” is. Consider this our awkward ice breaker into the world:

Night Nook Logo

So, what is it?

Good place to start. The Night Nook is a brand new bed accessory making it possible to enjoy your favorite nighttime activities from the comfort of your bed… without disturbing your sleeping partner! We’re talking reading in bed, watching TV in bed, even snacking in bed (though not responsible for scattered chip crumbs), all while your partner catches some much-needed beauty sleep.

Night Nook for reading at night in bed

But what exactly does it do?

Fair question, being that nothing else like this exists. The simple answer is that the Night Nook creates an area in which the user to enjoy their desired light-emitting activity, without any of that light reaching their partner's side of the bed.

Office Space What Do You Do

How does it work?

The Nigh Nook uses a light-blocking fabric draped over a sturdy (yet collapsible) frame to create a spacious area underneath it for the night owl to enjoy their desired light-emitting activity. And the best part? When not in use, the Night Nook folds completely flat with one easy motion, making it ideal for daytime storage in those spatially challenged apartments (under the bed, in the closet, next to the nightstand, etc.)

Who even thinks of something like this?

Someone who had been personally affected by this problem for years, and with a bit too much time on their hands during the COVID quarantine. After moving in with my fiancée, I have struggled between getting to enjoy those precious moments shared in bed together with her while also keeping our independent sleep schedules. Reading in bed seemed like the answer, and I figured there had to be a solution out there, but much to my dismay nothing seemed to get the job done. After years of frustration I finally decided to take a crack at making my own product... and the Night Nook was born. Fast forward through months and months of product design and testing, and here we are today...

reading in bed

But how does a homemade invention turn into a company?

The truth is that the first prototype was really just created for personal use, as I thought that was the end of it. A few months later this contraption came up in conversation while sitting around a bonfire with my fiancée’s family. As I prepared to be teased for such a crazy idea, I was astonished when I was instead met with demands for one by each couple, as they too were facing the same issue. A quick google search showed that an estimated 75% of couples suffer from different sleep schedules, and that these moments shared in bed together are extremely important for the health of relationships. The light bulb finally went off, and the journey to share this product with the world began!

That's all great, but why do you have a blog?

Because there’s so much more we want to share with you! We’re founded on the principle that couples should be able to go to bed together without having to sacrifice their sleep independence, and achieving that doesn't just end with the Night Nook. We plan to release new blogs weekly, as well as share some great tips, advice, news, and other interesting info across our social media channels. We’re excited to grow together, and hopefully have a bit of fun in the process.

Monica and Chandler Couple Sleeping Together

Ok I’m sold, how can I get one?

You can get your Night Nook here today! Please also subscribe below to receive some exciting news and product updates as we continue to grow.

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Get in touch with us!

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Looking forward to building our Night Nook community together!

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